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Our Implementation team works tirelessly to ensure an efficient and streamlined process for you. Successful implementation projects begin with and rely on clear communication between you and our team because every organization’s needs are unique. We believe in a truly collaborative approach in order to deliver solutions that are authentic to your needs.

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A project methodology adapted to your unique needs


Direct is designed with simplicity in mind. In just two weeks, and we’ll deliver a fully configured, lightweight grant management system based on your specific granting requirements. Provide us with your application form, review form and a post grant award report, and we’ll configure a system to your specifications. We’ll then provide the training needed to get you started.


Our Rapid Deployment team uses a simple engagement, with a less intensive project management component, delivering a robust grants management system. The Rapid Deployment method is an agile implementation approach with no downtime during the process. Designed to get your system up and running in the shortest time possible, we’ll work with you to make sure your system is ready to meet your evolving business needs.


The Enterprise Deployment model uses a formal project management approach to deliver a unique and comprehensive grant management system. Implementation team members have subject matter expertise and an in-depth understanding of how the SmartSimple platform can be configured using proven best practices to achieve your functional requirements. Our goal is to build a system that authentically reflects your business process that will be supportable and expandable long into the future.

For a more detailed breakdown of our three implementation approaches and their pricing, visit our pricing page.

Learn more about our implementation process

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